We are the home of the LEADING expert on the economic collapse. This claim is backed by a $100,000 guarantee. Have you ever heard of anyone back their claim with $100,000? So, who is the leading expert on the economic collapse? MIKE STATHIS, Author of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007). as well as the Wall Street Investment Bible (2008). Those who followed the advice in these books made a fortune. We are #1 in Market Forecasting Mike advised investors to get out of the market before the collapse. In fact, he predicted the Dow would collapse to 6500 in his 2006 book. On March 9, 2009 Mike Stathis advised to buy into the US stock market. That would end up being the bottom. And he advised them to buy back into the market at the EXACT bottom. Between Mar 2009 - Dec 2016, he advised to remain in the stock market. Mike has also nailed every market sell off since the financial crisis. #1 in Distressed Securities Analysis #1 in Currency & Commodities Forecasting, #1 in Macroeconomic Analysis, #1 in Precious Metals Forecasting Yet, Stathis continues to be banned by the media...Why? Because the media intentionally airs jug heads and charlatans since they have been bought off by Wall Street. The "experts" in the media have terrible track records. By airing clowns and extremists, Main Street will be misguided. This will make it much easier for Wall Street to take your money. So if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get screwed. FACT: if you do not have our research, you are behind the curve.

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ENCYCLOPEDIA of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen, Faux Heroes, Etc.
Let's face it. Most people are sheep. And they are easily fooled by the media. This is why the snake oil salesmen will sell their soul to offered...

You're Being Lied to by EVERYONE in the Media
You need to ask the media why they have banned Mike Stathis. There is no one in the world who can match his track record on the economic collapse.

Warning: AVOID ALL Real Estate Investment Groups and Stock Market Investment...
Mike has contacted these groups/clubs (in every state) both before the collapse and since, offering to speak as a public service to wake members of...

Just a reminder. If you currently watch CNBC, you apparently have not spent much time on our website. Watching CNBC is the absolute worst thing...

Get Live Trading Setup and Market Guidance
We feel we do a spectacular job providing accurate market and economic forecasts, all while measuring and adjusting for risk in each of our monthly...

Why America's Financial Apocalypse Might be the Most Predictive Investment...
Below are just a few of the forecasts, predictions and insights contained within America's Financial Apocalypse (2006 expended edition). If you...

Do You Have a Financial Advisor/Planner or Fund Manager?
If you have someone handling your investments, you had better damn well make sure they are following someone who knows what's going on. Remember,...

Our Video Library
We have been spending a considerable amount of time creating a variety of videos spanning numerous topics. In the future, you should check the...

America's Best Contrarian Indicators
As part of our mission to expose the truth and cut through the smoke and mirrors games played by the media and Internet marketers, we have...

The Solution for Financial Advisers
Today, up to 90% of investors want to change their broker. Can you blame them? Fortunately for brokers, investors really don’t have anywhere...

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Disinfo and Con Man Alert
I can guarantee you that every single person that you think is credible, is trustworthy and/or on your side is a complete con man and/or disinfo...



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Keep listening to the con men and idiots in the media and you will keep losing money and missing out on tremendous gains. Keep listening to the...

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In this video, Mike shows how the media is once again trying to give the sheep the false impression that Kyle Bass is “ahead of the...


Opening Statement from the February 2016 CCPM ForecasterOriginally published on February 7, 2016 For several years we have been discussing our...


Here we offer more evidence that no one in the world came remotely close to Mike Stathis in predicting the exact details of the financial crisis....
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  • I write today to tell you how much I have learned from reading so many of your current and past articles and book excerpts on the website that you have so generously made available at no cost. As an example, your writings have opened my eyes to much of what I had suspected, but never really knew, of the mainstream media. L.B. Bloomington, IN

  • Mike is simply brilliant! I have worked in financial industry for years and have not seen this level of talent. Christine F.

  • Mr. Mike Stathis, Thanks for your herculean efforts and your truthful, insightful analysis. This is the best newsletter ever and thank you for letting me subscribe. It's very difficult for a regular individual to see through the intricate media traps until you have an expert show you that initial light. Read America's Financial Apocalypse people. No one wrote a book like this before the collapse. Mike N. NYC

  • I have learned more from this website and the 2012 Mid Year Global Economics Report I purchased than I have learned all together so far at (well known U.S. business and economics school), for a fraction of the cost.O.A.

  • Just to let you know that your newsletter is the *best* financial info around. I really look forward to every issue. Sincerely,W. K.MB, CANADA

  • Thanks for the great August newsletter! Excellent value. The mix of details and big picture is just what I'm looking for. I'm glad I signed up!Also great the financials were covered; that was my number one question a month ago! O. B.Berlin, Germany

  • Wow.This newsletter update was extremely helpful. The brief comments on how Mr Stathis sees recent news was just what I was hoping to hear! Also, the interpretation of the Feb 23 report was very reassuring.Thank you!

  • The newsletter is priceless. I've never come across anything with anywhere near this level of depth and insight! I've subscribed to dozens of newsletters in the past and none of them even come close to yours. After reading America's Financial Apocalypse, I can't say I'm surprised. B. F.San Diego, CA

  • Dear Mr Stathis: Each newsletter issue an incredible work in itself. The time that you put in assembling the research is amazing. Each issue has given me confidence that if you work hard and apply yourself, you can turn the advantages in your favor. Thank you for laying out that path. You are a true visionary investor.

  • Dear Mike, Your newsletter has been invaluable to me. You've been so right about so many things it's scary. But the best thing is that it's taught me so much about how to become a much better investor. Thanks so much for your work. Sincerely, Dave

  • My Investment IQ has improved immensely since subscribing to your newsletter. Briefly, I've learned more about risk and how to measure it. I've also practiced better asset allocation, significantly lightened up on mutual funds, and am better able to evaluate beaten up stocks for opportunities. Finally, I have acted on a few of your stock selections and the results have covered the cost of your newsletter. Thanks for all you do.David

  • I just want to say thank you to Mike. I have learned a tremendous amount from the website, the newsletters & all his books. I used to work for a fund company in Chicago and was surrounded by numerous "experts" that were on TV and quoted in Barrons & the WSJ all the time and it amazes me how much more ahead of the curve Mike has been. He truly is a master of his craft, a true expert. J. H.

  • The quick notes you sent to subscribers, alerting us to the bumps in the road on the way to DJIA 10,500 were perfect. And you were spot on, especially in your forecasting and wisdom based prescription to get out by close of this week.

  • Hi Mike! I'm really excited to read your newsletters. I just received your book last night, "The Wall Street Investment Bible" AMAZING STUFF already! (just at chap 3.) M. G.

  • I have read Mr. Stathis book "America's financial Apocalypse" and have been a follower of Mr Stathis since then as to the many predictions that he made came true. I only wish I had read it much earlier. N. F.Houston, TX

  • Thank you so much for opening my eyes again to seek the truth. As always, "Satyamey Jayatey" The truth always prevails. May God give you strength to show the truth to everyone as this is the only way to end misery, hunger, hate and destruction on oneself. Thanks again.V. P.

  • I've been reading Mike's articles and the Apocalypse book starting in July last year. And I lost a large part of my life savings by NOT listening to what Mike has been saying. I heard Mike in an interview in August 2007, saying to get into cash, but I was still stuck on the idea of "buy and hold" for the long run etc. I also bought the logic that it is important to pick a strategy and stick with it, so down I went with the averages...S.C.

  • I subscribe to several investment newsletters, but the information you make available for free is much more in depth and practical, so naturally I'm going to subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you,Don

  • When is the investment bible being re released?? I just want to learn investing from the best, and Stathis knows damn well his book is the best out there.Thanks,John

  • Mike, Just a note of thanks for your passion, honesty, and dedication to what you're doing you're educating the heck out of me and I appreciate it immensely! Best,Joe

  • Mike,Your website and advice that I've read in your newsletters are impressive. Additionally, you are clearly a patriot, and care about America. H. B.Lansing, NY

  • Mr. StathisI just finished reading some info on your website. All I can say is I'm so glad I found you. Thanks for being there,James

  • I am enjoying your newsletter tremendously and am finding myself more knowledgeable thanks to your efforts. I have found your 2006 book "America's Financial Apocalypse" extremely valuable and would like to know when you will be coming out with your next book addressing the same topic. S. A.

  • Mr. Stathis,After following your articles and reading your books, noting your predictions and insights, I believe you are the top mind in the investment world. Marc

  • Mr. Stathis,I have read AFA and you seem to have a monopoly on accurate information. That said, thank you so much for everything you have written. My undergrad business classes are a strikingly poor substitute. Thank you for your time,A. W.

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A special market update has been released on audio for Market Forecaster and Intelligent Investor subscribers. Please check the respective 2016...


Opening Statement from the January 2016 Dividend Gems Originally published on January 18, 2016 Weakness in commodities pricing continues to cause...


Warren Buffett is a piece of shit lying scum bag and crook. View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , , , and ....




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